Brouhaha:Actor Salinko Has Allegedly Collected Costume Of Local Jesus From Mmebusem

The ‘boys Abr3’ series which is aired on UTV and produced by actor Abraham Kofi Davis well known as Salinko is suddenly coming to a stand still after they have gone viral with excerpt of a local Jesus that was acted by Mmebusem.

In an audio o Okay FM, Mmbesem stated that the costume which he usually wear to act the Jesus part has bee taken away from him by Salinko and he (Mmebusem) doesn’t know whether because he is trending Salinko wants to trend along hence making him the way he has.

When asked whether its a monetary issue that has triggered the brouhaha between the two of them he said no.

Meanwhile Salinko is also claiming that Mmebusem has eluded with the said costume and now doing his own short videos on Youtube which wasn’t part of their agreement before they commenced the series.

Who is really telling the truth here?

Written by Elizabeth Danso

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