Don’t Go For A Lady With Big Booty And Melons-Funny Face Advises Male Celebs

Funny Face

Comedian Funny Face and his wife had issues which ended up into a divorce but the actor has again gotten a new woman whom he has twins with.

His former wife revealed that Funny Face only last in bed for 2 minutes leading to she being unsatisfied whenever they mate but surprisingly, the actor has been able to produce twins out of the so called two minutes.

Speaking with Sammyflex in an interview, he was asked to advise men who have become famous on marriage in which the actor advised that never should they make a woman’s big, juicy melons and curves their priority because that was what he was seeking in his first marriage which ended abruptly.

He added that any guy who has struggled with a woman till he got into the limelight should also remain with the woman.

Written by Ernest Ohene

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