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Would you ever wear asymmetrical jeans? See the Trend that’s about to Hit The Nation.

We’ve heard of skinny jeans and wide-leg jeans, but there’s a hybrid style in town that wants to give you the best of both worlds.

And, honestly, we’re kind of puzzled by it.

Asymmetrical jeans have slowly been creeping their way into our lives over the last several months. They’re totally unconventional at best and completely insane at worst it all depends on your viewpoint.

With this bizarre denim style, one leg gets snugly wrapped up in a skinny silhouette while the other can breathe with a wide-leg fit. But the question is, why?

Perhaps the style is designed for those fickle moments when you simply can’t decide which style of denim to choose. Or maybe one of your legs simply enjoys getting a breeze more than the other.

Either way, the unique jeans have been slowly gaining traction. Maybe the look came from a “designer who was drinking.”

Written by Elizabeth Bio

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