10 Beautiful Photos of Bishop Dag Heward Mills Wife Lady Adelaide Mills, Woman behind Bishop Dag’s Success.

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As the all time popular Proverbial adage goes, behind every successful man is a woman! Same can be said to prominent men of God who are driving God’s work to another level. The Founder of Lighthouse Chapel International “Bishop Dag Heward Mills” has clocked many success since his inception into Ministry work.

But one person whom have stood with him through the test of time, been his counselor, coach, consoler, motivator and bedrock is his beautiful wife “Lady Adelaide Heward Mills”. The Bishop’s wife completed Legon with a Certificate in Law, but later dropped it along the line to support her Husband’s work in the Ministry and spread the Gospel of God.

Lady Adelaide Mills was ordained by her Husband to officially serve in the Ministry, today she serves as a counsel, a preacher and a healer to the Lighthouse Chapel Family worldwide, Here are 10 Beautiful Pictures of Bishop Dag’s wife “Lady Adelaide” Below!