Here are 12 Popular Naija Celebs who Cant Quit Smoking anymore..

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The fall from Grace to Grass can be a sloppy one for certain and that’s what happens to many Ghanaian Celebs who’ve career have been marked with various scandals of drug abuse. According to the World Health Organization Report 275 million people are estimated to have used an illicit drug at least once in 2016 Till date many suffer this atrocities associated with these illegal harmful drugs such as Cocaine, Weed, Marijuana, Methanol among other abusive substances.

Though many use various harmful drugs as Prescribe for various medical conditions many too cant just do away its use, hence abusing it always for Shows, depression and industry pressure from colleagues who show off to appease a certain lifestyle to its base and audience.

Below are 10 Ghana and Nigeria Celebrities rumored to have used drugs or have serious drug addiction problem.

Actress Genevieve Nnaji

Shocked as you maybe Actress Genevieve Nnaji is reportedly a Heavy smoker, though she once tried Rehab to stop smoking it still never changed anything and her smoking habit much.

Actor Olu Jacobs

Veteran Actor Olu Jacobs famous his Kingsman Roles in Movies is reportedly a heavy smoker who also cant do away smoking even in late 70’s.

Musician Wizkid

Talented as Hell, but he often smokes to ease himself of the Tension the Industry has to offer. Wizkid has a smoking problem, he even smokes unconcerned in his music videos!

Actress Rita Dominic

Actress Rita Dominic has largely publicised to have serious smoking problems, though she doesn’t deny it, she makes no further effort to combat this thread.

Actor Hans Anuku

Actor Hans Anuku popularly known for his bad boy roles is frequent smoker who deserves deliverance, he smokes soo much he only accepts roles that he smoke soo much and portray him as a bad Character or villain!

Actress Uche Jumbo

Known for her beauty and her ability to seduce men in her Movie roles, Actress Uche Jumbo smoking habits is no just portrayed on screen but also in real life, she is heavy smoker that has no boundaries.

Actress Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood’s once finest now the most confused being after her Marriage collapse which was reportedly due to Drug Abuse. Though she maintains her Stagma, many have ruled out Tonto’s fast fade to heavy smoking and drug use!

Musician Davido

Davido, the once innocent looking Artist is now a heavy smoker. Davido smokes and shocking no one can talk him out of this Suicidal act not even Chioma. Davido is a heavy smoker which he admits in music videos and even on stage!

Artist Burna Boy

Now many’s favorite Burna Boy’s smoking habit is now part and passle of him, it was reported sometime that he got sick and whiles in hospital he requested for Weed only for him to get well a day after. Burna Boy is heavy smoker.

Actress Mercy Johnson

Many have wondered why Actress Mercy Johnson is able to play her roles successfully on screens as ruffian girl or bad girl in many movies without going off-guard. One secret we know is her Herbs, Mercy is reportedly a heavy smoker who cant quit even at marriage!

Actor Jim Ikye

Ladiesman has got all the swag in this Nollywood industry, but one demerit of the Actor which draws him back is Smoking Habit, though delivered by T.B Joshua sometime ago Actor Jim Ikye returned to smoking two weeks after confirming he can never stop smoking.