2 Weeks P3, D!vorce of Tracey Boakye’s Marriage Reported as Bridesmaid exposes her husband Frank Badu

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Information currently reaching Pinaxonline indicates that one of Tracey Boakye’s Bridesmaid is going about exposing her secret after the Wedding. According to information provided by the blog on its Instagram page, The informant claim one of Tracey Boakye’s Bridesmaid told her that Frank has a serious Girlfriend in Germany, Hamburg which the Actress is very much aware of it

She claim The guy in question Frank is very broke, jobless and all he does is deceive women in Germany about him being an Actor. The Informant claim all frank does is move from one gym to the other deceiving women. Frank agreed to marry Tracey because of her money and that He even stays in his father’s house when even he comes to Ghana.

The informant claim The guy doesnt have anything to him name not even a house which Tracey is aware of but still agreed to marry him because of love. See the post below