25-Year-Old Man Says Family Brutalized Him Because He Said He Was Moving Out To His Own Apartment (Photos)

A 25-year-old digital strategist named @ayolex_official on Twitter has cried out for help saying he face domestic violence from his family members.

Ayo said he was was brutalized by his father and his brother just because he told them he was about to rent his own apartment. According to him, his father and brother pounced on him on Tuesday night after he made the announcement. In series of tweets he made on Wednesday, December 2 he said that this was the second time they were beating him on the same topic.

He shared photos of his marked body and also called on human rights agencies to come to his aid. He also tagged his father and brother to the post.

The tweets read in part;

“My own family brutalized me yesterday night all because I wanted to leave their house and get my own apartment, this is the second time.’

“.. the first one happened on February 28, 2019 in the evening at Dugbe Mall ShopRite, Ibadan.”

However, moments later, he deleted the tweets and it has continued to spark reactions from social media users. Many have told him to leave without announcing it to them, others have called him a coward for deleting the tweet.

See photos below below;



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