26-Year-Old Lady Pretending To Be Pregnant And 4 Men Arrested For Attempting To Steal Twin Babies

26-year-old woman identified as Paulina Owusu has been arrested with four other men for attempting to steal twin babies.

According to a correspondent of Angel news, Paulina and her accomplice tried to steal twin babies of one Abena Owusua’s twins.

The self acclaimed pregnant woman contracted 4 men to steal twin babies for her at the hospital so she can take off the foam she placed on her tummy just to deceive the public she is indeed pregnant.

The perpetrators have been arrested by the Sefwi Wiaso Police Command for attempting to commit this crime.

According to Wiaso Police Commander, Christopher Darkey, on 14th May 2021, they were alerted on the intents of Paulina and her group. He also said that prior to the committing the crime, Paulina had deliberately come to the area where the targeted victim lives to sell fish even though no one has seen her there before.

The DSP said they laid back even after getting the tip off of the alleged child thievery at Sefwi Punikrom. He said the suspects entered the house of their target but upon sensing danger they tried to escape but were unsuccessful.

The four men were arrested but later named Paulina Owusu as their accomplice.

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