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2nd Wife of Murdered MP, Ekow Quansah Pops Up After His 1st Wife Was Chosen To Replace Him

Information reaching us has it that the murdered MP, Ekow Quansah has two wives but married the second wife at the blind side of his wife whom his mum knows.

Just few days after the first wife Ophelia Hayford was chosen by the NPP party to replace her husband in the upcoming 2020 elections Sarah Hayford Quansah has also popped up that she is his wife.

According to Sarah she met the MP in 2009 who told her he is divorced so they officially married in 2013 and they now live in Tarkwa.

She noted that Ophelia started sending her threatening messages and thats when she found out that he had a first wife.

“At the time Ophelia called me, I had been married to Ekow for the past three years and living with him at Tarkwa. Feeling very shocked, I called my husband and asked him who Ophelia was? He told me to ignore her whenever she calls me and I told him he needed to explain things to me because the woman keeps sending me text messages,”

“It emerged that he had not officially divorced his first wife as he indicated but he couldn’t tell me the truth, the reason why I agreed to marry him. I asked what was the way forward and my late husband told me that he’ll sort out the issue and so I was waiting for his action. But since then I never heard from anyone including his first wife. I’ve been staying with him at Tarkwa and he visits his mother occasionally on weekends being the only child.

“When the matter came up I went to see his mother for a discussion and she told me to hold my peace and that the issue has already happened. It is true that her son is already married and has married me as well. All the family members know and accept that Ekow has two wives and so I shouldn’t be worried. This is what his mother told me,” Sarah added.



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