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5 Secrets of Growing Tall You Never Knew

Many a time, people find it difficult to comprehend why they are not growing taller even when they eat large quantity of food. Growing tall is 75% of the body’s growth is genetic which means you are born with it and can’t manipulate it in any way. However, the remaining 25% depends on external factors which can be manipulated. Below are 5 things you can do to get taller.

  1. Eating healthy: this simply meas eating foods that contain most of the rich nutrients like protein and minerals like Calcium needed for growing and strengthening of bones n the body. Often times people just eat and do not make any conscious effort to ensure that what they eat contains essential nutrients needed to make a person tall.

2.Hang out:Hanging out doesn’t necessarily means going to the beach or restaurant with friends to have fun. Its a matter of always hanging on a pole or any pull up bar after exercising since this helps in stretching the body to enable you grow tall. Also having enough rest helps since enough water is stored in your intervertebral discs which can add up to over 2cm of your height.

3.Exercise:Many people are afraid of weightlifting! But the right exercises will help you establish a balance in your spine. Especially exercises for your upper back are recommended to regain an upright posture. Add bent over rows to your workout routine and make it a habit to strengthen your back.

4.Stretch:Our spine makes up almost half of our body’s total height. It is naturally curved in a slight S-shape. Nowadays unfortunately many people have strong muscular imbalances like an exaggerated curvature. This results in poor posture which is not only bad for your spine but also makes you look a lot shorter.

Stretching your chest and shoulder belt by expanding your arms on a regular basis will help to get a more upright posture. The same goes for your hip flexers. Yoga and deep lunges reduce the curvature in your lower spine. All that reestablishes the balance in your spine which adds to your total height!

5.Loving Yourself: the greatest remedy to growing well and tall is self love. If you love yourself, you will do all it takes to eat well, sleep at the right time as well as exercise. Remember to love yourself always!



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