5 ways to make A guy miss you whenever you’re not Together

by - 2 mins

The early stages of a relationship is fun and exciting as you get to know each other. Its so tempting to spend every waking moment with your new boo or Bae. Below are some point which will make him miss you when you’re apart.

  1. Dont text him fist all the time.

Even tho it wont be easy, it is worth it as its super tempting not to call or text the one you miss. But avoiding him will make him wonder where you are, what you are doing. He will miss you which will let him make the first move but making your self scarce sometimes is never a bad idea.

2. Let him make the first move to meet up

If you really want him to miss you, leave it up to him to take the first set of calling you and planning or arranging when it comes to dates and catch- ups. Every guy loves the chase as it makes the guy want to obtain her. Guys lose interest if there isnt any chase.

3. Live your life

Act like your man doesn’t exist, not in the rude way tho but live your life like it was before he came into your life. Most guys love it when you give the “I don’t care” vibe. It makes them want you more.

4. Don’t always be available

Dont always be in a hurry to confirm or say yes when he suggest you meet up. Its very important he realize that you have a life outside of your relationship. It also doesnt mean you should lie when you are free to hang out with him. You should sometimes leave gaps in your schedule just in case he might offer to meet up on a particular day. If he really really likes you as much as you think he does, dont worry he will wait until you are ready to meet him up

5. Make the time you spend together amazing and fun

If you really want him to miss you, then you have to make the time you spend together memorable . If you do this, he will always look forward to the next meeting with you.