6 years after his disappearance Castro under fire has finally been found By a Prophet

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Popular Ghanaian Musician who went missing in 2014 is alleged to have been found by a man of God identified as Prophet Abandenden.

Castro under fire known in real life as Theophilus Tagoe was a Ghanaian hiplife artist, who went missing on the 6th of July 2014 in the Ada Estuary has been found as the prophet claim he is in the Marine Kingdom.

Speaking in an Interview with Koo TV, The prophet revealed that Castro is still alive and that Ghanaians need to pray for him to return.

He further revealed that when he was praying during hthe night, God took him to the spirit realm where Castro got Missing and God Opened his eyes and he saw rubber emanating from the sea, he claim he was totally shocked so he decided to go to the area where the rubber to find out what was inside.

According to the Prophet, he opened his eyes and saw Castro in the rubber bag and his hands were tired to his back and also revealed that it was someone in castro’s family who did that to him.

He further stated that God told him that Castro will be back to earth in 2021 and it will be a big surprise to everyone