“70 Live cows were buried alive on the night of December 6th to change certain things spiritually” Prophet Owusu Bempah reveals

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Below are the exact words of Rev owusu Bempah the founder and Leader of Glorious Word Ministry International during an interview with Captain Smart on Angel TV’s Anopa Boafo), He said:

“Election in Ghana is not what we normally see physically where people are seen casting their votes into the ballot box. No body without strong spiritual backing can be President because elections take place in the Spiritual realms before the actual day of election”

During the interview, he revealed that a lot of spiritual battle happened before and during this year’s election and even added that there are still spiritual battles going on and that he will reveal so many things after the swearing of President Akufo Addo of the 7th of January.

According to him, a certain party did all that they could spiritually to push thing into their favour. He claim 70 cows were buried the night before the election just for that party to achieve it political ambition.

“I never rested because I had to support the President with fasting and prayers to prevent anything bad from happening to him before December 7th. The forces that were battling the President was so strong that if not for the love of God he wouldn’t be alive before the election day”

He lasted added that one of the pre election rituals that was done was the cow head that was seen in krounm, a suburb of Kumasi with a party flag and a padlock attached to its mouth.