“A Great Number Of Evil Minded People Reside In Nigeria!” 9ice Ex-wife Toni Payne Blows Hot (Screenshot).

US-based Nigerian photographer and poet, Toni Payne has said that a great number of evil mided people who are always envious of people’s successes reside in Nigeria.

Toni who’s also the ex-wife to musician 9ice said that many people in the world today always try to downgrade other people’s achievement instead of clapping for them.

She added that such kind of people are dangerous and many of them can be found in Nigeria. She made this statement via a text photo on her Instastory on Tuesday, December 22.

She wrote;

“There are a lot of evil minded, envious people in the world. People who don’t like to see others win. People who get frustrated by other people’s achievements. People who will try to downgrade vs clap for your achieved goals. To me, those types of people are dangerous.

“A great number of them resides in Nigeria, may we not meet, talk less have to interact with such people 🙏🏿”

See screenshot below;



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