“A woman should flaunt her endowments” Something Is Wrong With A Woman That Doesn’t showcase Her Body – Charity Nnaji

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According to Charity Nnaji, it’s not wrong to flaunt one’s assets cause they are gifts of nature.

Nollywood Actress, Charity Nnaji has said there’s nothing wrong in a woman flaunting her body.

According to the mother-of-three, any woman who doesn’t flaunt her endowments must be trying to conceal a flaw in her body.

The thespian said this during a chat with Vanguard, she said: “As an entertainer, it is not wrong to flaunt one’s gifts of nature. Yes, a woman should flaunt her endowments.

To me, I feel if you don’t showcase what you have that means there is something wrong with your body that you don’t want the public to see.

While most men believe in what they see women tend to believe what they hear. So, let’s show them what they want to see.”