“Aaah so the curse didnt work” Social media users ask after a video of Xandy Kamel’s ex Husband Kaninja happily dancing surfaced online

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Ghanaian Media Personality Xandy Kamel once placed several curses on her ex husband Kaninja had a messy divorce months after getting married. The two made several headlines when Xandy during a Live video cursed her ex husband for causing her pain, disgrace and distress.

In November 2021, Xandy cursed her husband which raised concern as to what really took place before the couple called it quit. However her ex husband Kaninja was quick to come out accusing her of being a lesbian.

This Xandy was quick to deny claiming she has never being involved with any girl before claiming God will punish her ex Husband for such a claim. She claim once her curse manifest, Her ex husband would never be able to find peace or rest till the day he dies for such a disgrace.

However social media users are currently confused as a new video of Kaninja happily dancing and having the time of his life has surfaced online despite being under a Curse. This has raised concern as social media users are asking if Xandy’s gods have abandoned her.