“Aawwwnn @NAkufoAddo please let me interview you please.” Delay begs Nana Addo to be a guest on the ‘Delay Show’.

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Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known in the showbiz industry as Delay has humbly put a request before Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to appear on her show.

Delay is noted for the controversial and deep questions she asks her guest on the ‘Delay Show’ which reveals secrets and sometimes makes her guests fumble with their words due to the kind of questions asked.

Before this humble request, the president on April 4, 2022, granted a BBC interview in which the state of the country’s economy was being questioned by Peter Okwoche the host ‘Focus Africa’. The president defended his government saying the country’s economic crises was due to some global occurrences which he made mention of the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent Russia-Ukraine war. However, in as much as the country is being hit hard with this economic hardship, he the president and his government have put measures in place which will see to it that Ghana’s economy bounces back stronger.

The interview got Ghanaians talking with many tagging Peter Okwoche as fearless and bold, and others advising our journalists to be bold and fearless as Peter Okwoche so they can ask relevant questions when given the opportunity.

Delay has however taken to her twitter wall begging the president to allow her have an interview with him.

She wrote: Aawwww @NAkufoAddo please let me interview you please. Awwwnnn aawwwwnnnn.

Will the president grant her request and be a guest on the ‘Delay Show?’

Will He feel comfortable sitting on the hot seat, answering vivid and relevant questions being asked by Delay?

Until the interview request is granted, our questions remain unanswered.