Actor Femi Jacobs Slams Those Saying Religion Is The People’s Greatest Problem, He Tells Them To Think- See Screenshots.

Nollywood actor, Femi Jacobs has taken a swipe at those who are fond of saying religion is the greatest problem people have.

In recent times, Africans have continued to say that religion has brainwashed the Black race and it is why Africa is still backward unlike other continents.

Reacting to this, Jacobs has said that people need to think before they say religion is Africa’s problem. According to him, religion is the reason why some people are still alive today.

He illustrated his point by saying some people haven’t paid their workers salaries for over six months, but those employees haven’t killed them because of this same ‘religion’. He took to Twitter on Monday, January 11 to state this notion.

He tweeted;

“Religion is our problem. Religion is our problem. Well, maybe. But religion is probably the reason your house help has not stabbed you. Or your wife has not shot you in your sleep. It’s good to apply this intellect all round o.

“Some of you haven’t paid salaries in 6 months. Where do you think your staff go for comfort? Or you think it’s your charisma that’s keeping you alive? Leave the people be. If you make them face you for answers you’ll know why God is God. Religion is the people’s…hian. Think am.”

See tweets below;

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