Afia Schwar mocks Kofi Adomah , reveals the reason He was attacked

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Ghanaian Comedian Afia Schwar is currently having a field day after Angle FM morning show host Kofi Adomah was attacked by some unknown people and was rushed to the hospital. According to information made public, Kofi Adomah was attacked while returning from a suburb of Accra, Kuntunse, DAMAX Estate.

It was reported that the unknown Attackers were ridding motor bikes when they stopped him on the road and inflicted some serious injuries to his body. According to an eye witness, in his words, He said: He was crossed by the guys on a motorcycle,They targeted his face with sharp objects but he used his hands and shoulders to avoid many wounds on his face. They poured inflammable substance believed to be petrol and tried setting him on fire.

However Afia Schwar has made a video claiming she knows what really happened to the Morning show host. According to her in a video posted on her Instagram page, She sang a song about an old adage which advised people to be careful about certain things they do.

Afia claim the Morning show host has been advised severally by his friends and family to desist from dating married women but all fell n deaf ears and now his end is near for such an act. Trust Afia to be dramatic about the whole situation while trolling the victim