Afia Schwar shades Mzbel with her “Dada Damoase” song

by - 1 min

Popular Ghanaian Comedian Afia Schwar has got Ghanaians talking after she dropped a song to thank all those who made it to her father’s funeral. The comedian recently lost her father who suffered Cancer for years.

She then pleaded with the General Public for support to help bury her late father. She then got the massive support from the general public especially during the one week celebration of her father’s death.

After the celebration, she came out Thankig everyone for their support using the Phrase “Dada Damoase” which soon went viral. Ghanaians mocked her using that Phrase and Ghanaian Musiciain Coded even made a song with the Phrase.

Afia the comedian now a Music has dropped a Song using her Popular Phrase and even shaded her frenemy Mzbel.