Afia Schwarzenegger drags Ghana Police into the mud after a drunk Police Officer arrest her motor rider after he refused to pay Gh20 bribe over road worthy

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Media Personality Afia Schwarzenegger has gone to war with Ghana Police as she complained about the treatment they gave a young man she help acquire a motor bike.

According to Afia, a Police officer who seem drunk tried extorting money from the Motor Rider and when he couldnt pay, they seized his Motor cycle and took him to the police station

From what Afia revealed, the Motor Cyclist is someone in her church and he is an orphan, He then came to her to help her acquire a Motor bike which she agreed to help

However, immediately after he purchased the motor bike a drunk police officer appeared out of nowhere, stopped the boy and demanded for Ghc20

She claim the police officer said the New Motor Bike is not road worthy therefore he should pay or else he would be arrested

When he couldnt pay, the poor boy was sent to Kaneshie police station whilst the drunk police officer took the motor Bike for his own use around town

Afia Schwarzenegger then took to social media to blast the police officer and Ghana Police for such uncultured behaviour.