“Africa will be great again, Europeans and Americans will soon rush here to find Jobs” Pastor Mensah Otabil reveals

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According to the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church, Pastor Mensah Otabil, He claim the African continet will soon prosper which will make the Westerners run to the continent to work. He claim his Prediction is not based on material thing however it is based on the faith he has in God’s justice and fairness.

The was revealed during the first night of his popular Gospel crusade “greater works” which he gave a sermon titled “We will get it back” claiming he believes in his faith and that Africa will soon raise again.

According to hgi8m, he believes Africa will soon get back to track making the Europeans run her to invest and work for us, He claim Ghana as a country has a very bright future. In his words, he said: Africa will get it back and it will be well with our continent, it will be good with our people.