“Africans Don’t Need Suit And Tie And A White Dress For Weddings, Leave White Weddings For White People” Reno Omokri Blows Hot- See Screenshots.

Nigerian author, Reno Bemigho Omokri has said that it is unscriptural to seek for a pastor or priest consent to get marriage and Africans need to stop white weddings.

Omokri said that come 2021, African need to leave White weddings for Caucasians, he also gave instances in the Bible. According to his, the structure of white weddings is fashioned after the European culture and not the Christian culture.

He tweeted;

“In 2021, leave WHITE WEDDINGS for WHITE people. It is their tradition. Your Black African native wedding is not inferior to a white wedding. Emancipate yourself from the mental slavery of European customs. White wedding is NOT a Christian wedding!

“In 2021, be led by Scripture. It is unscriptural to get pastoral consent for marriage. God invented marriage in Genesis 2:24. Those He included were the couple and their parents. No pastor. Don’t let pastor put a burden on you that God DID NOT put

“In 2021 read Scripture yourself. Nowhere do you see anyone consulting priest/pastor before choosing a marital partner. Isaac consulted his parents. Jacob consulted his parents. The 10 commandments command you to honour your parents, not your pastor

“In 2021, Africans dont need suit and tie and a white dress for weddings. The entire structure of the White Wedding is fashioned after EUROPEAN culture NOT Christian culture. Today, even African Muslims now do it. Marry in your native African wears!”

See tweets below;

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