“Agbani Darego Didn’t Bleach or Do Plastic Surgery Yet She Got Married And Has A Child!” Reno Omokri Continues To Slam ‘Bleached Slay Queens’.

Nigerians author, Reno Omokri has continued to take a swipe at Nigerian women who bleached their skin and enhanced their bodies through plastic surgery.

Omokri has used former beauty queen and Miss World, Agbani Darego as an example of a Nigerian woman who’s comfortable in her black skin, adding that maintaining her natural looks didn’t stop her from getting married.

Few days ago, Omokri made a comment on bleached divorcees who have done plastic surgery, while calling for the media to propagate real beauties. This didn’t go down well with media personality, Toke Makinwa who blasted him for including divorcees in his comment adding that being a divorced is not something to shame people for. She also stated that his comment may have been a swipe at her person but she wouldn’t take offence in that.

Relentlessly, Omokri took to his social media pages on Thursday, November 25 to make an ‘update’ on his point.

He wrote;

“See @AgbaniDarego__. The first and only Nigerian to win the Miss World Pageant. She did not bleach or surgically enhance herself. Yet, she is married, has a child, and is a thing of joy to herself and her race. Say it with me-I’m Black and proud!

“When you bleach and surgically enhance your body, you are not just saying ‘I hate myself’, you also teach young dark skinned girls to likewise hate themselves. No matter how many rich old men date you, you remain a danger to yourself and society!

“Know who you are dealing with. Many people grew up in polygamy. There was rivalry and mutual suspicion. They never really had love. To them, tenderness is weakness. Sadly, many such people like crisis, since it is the atmosphere they were raised in.”

See post below;

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