Aisha Yesufu Seriously Blasts Northern Youths, She Says They’re Hypocrites Who Criticize Gays But Practice It Behind Closed Doors- See Screenshots.

Nigerian activist, Aisha Yesufu has blasted Arewa Twitter youths for criticizing her for saying that people need to let homosexuals practice what they want.

Yesufu has called Northerners who criticized her ‘people with the Bambiala Mentality’- meaning Beggars Mentality. She also accused them of abusing people on social media but they go behind closed doors to practise what they criticize. She made seriously dragged the via series of tweets on her official Twitter page on Tuesday, January 12.

She tweeted;

“You will finish abusing homosexual people on social media and cursing them out then behind closed doors you will be with your homosexual partner. Who are you fooling? It is not haram then? #BambiAlaMentality

“You are quick to tell me that my Edo sisters are in Italy doing prostitution while you forget to talk about your brothers and sisters doing prostitution in Saudi Arabia.  #BambiAlaMentality

“Your hypocrisy on steroids will not have you saying your State Governors should not collect any money gotten from alcohol but your hypocrisy will be supporting your State Govs destroying the businesses of those selling alcohol.  Is money from alcohol not haram? #BambiAlaMentality

“You will defile your nieces and nephews, your cousins and step siblings because you know that “a rufa asiri ” will come through for you. Defilement plus incest. The fact that you keep it in house doesn’t make it not to be haram #BambiAlaMentality

“Money they will beg for. Food they will beg for. Job they will beg for. Marks they will beg for. Merit they will beg to be exempted. Even advocacy they will beg for. It is only when it comes to hypocritical morality that they will become actively present.  #BambiAlaMentality

“I grew up in the ghetto and fighting was a pastime! We had no food to eat so we ate insults in place of food. I don’t do nice. If you do anyhow on my TL you will see anyhow but I will not block or mute you.  Na you go run when you tire! #BambiAlaMentality

“I saw some ladies telling me to drop the hijab & I laugh in 3D. That you left your state & came to Abuja & decided you have gotten freedom and removed your hijab and replaced with weave on and attachment you think others are wearing it because they aren’t free? #BambiAlaMentality

“You will be here being sanctimonious and on the day of judgement you will be shocked that those you had assigned to hell fire will be chilling in paradise while you are sweating like a goat answering questions especially those against your fellow human beings #BambiAlaMentality

“Anyway, just so you know, the reason why Arewa twitter gets tied up in knots about my matter is because I call out the incompetent, clueless, corrupt, inept and failure of a President called Buhari who has destroyed their region more than any #BambiAlaMentality”

See screenshots below;



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