Akuapem Poloo will be a “Woman of God” after her jail sentence – Abeiku Santana

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Ace Ghanaian Journalist Abieku Santana has made an Interesting revelation about Akupem Poloo and her time in Jail

Speaking in a Short Interview, Abeiku Santana revealed that Akuapm Poloo will be a “Woman of God” after her jail sentence.

He claim Akuapem Poloo will come out of Jail refine and preach the word of God to her followers, He then mentioned the likes of the late DMX and others who preached the word of God after spending some time in jail

He then used that Opportunity to advise other Celebrities to learn from Akuapem Poloo’s case because we are not in normal times and that what ever happened to Poloo could happen to anyone, So they should be very careful