“Akufo Addo’s Ambulance was there for me when I had an accident, I urge all my fans to vote for him” Samini

Ghanaian Dancehall artist Samini has intensify his Campaign for the New Patriotic Party for the upcoming 2020 general elections.

Speaking on why he endorsed the NPP, He shared his experience on how he was saved by the Akufo Addo Ambulances while he was cycling.

“The other day I was cycling and I had a little accident and we actually had a designed ambulance with us, We cycling all the way from Sogakope tot the mole National park, I had to stop at Dambai. The rationale here is that I dont know when ambulances like that so we could have one designated to us”

“But for that ambulance, I would have had a serious problem and I have a scar to show but there was an ambulance and it took care of me right there and then before they took me to the hospital. The ambulance is something I’ve experience it and so I know if something is happening in some remote corner at least one ambulance is going to get there”



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