Alleged baby Daddy of Tracey Boakye finally speaks, rubbishes claim of he being Nhyira’s father

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The alleged baby Daddy of Tracey Boakye’s daughter Nhyira has finally reacted to the numerous tags of him being the father of the child and also alleged angry with Tracey for tieing the knot.This led to some social media users calling him out for trying to control the Actress and the life she lives.

However a new video has emerged showing the alleged baby daddy speaking fr the first time and according to him, he is just an uncle to Nhyira. He claim he is the only brother of Tracey Baokye making Nhyira his Niece. He claim he doesnt know why Ghanaians especially the bloggers are bent on pinning him the father of the little girl

He also revealed that such allegations will not stop him from loving the girl any less as this is the time he would love her more just to pepper Ghanaians.