Alleged baby Mama of Bridget Otoo’s husband pops up after their marriage ceremony

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Ghanaian Journalist Bridget Otoo is currently the talk of Town after Videos and Photos of her surprised wedding hit the Internet. The Journalist is currently being talked about as she is popular known for her strong opinion about men making her a Feminist

According to some people, the Actress made it seem she doesnt need a man. She even made a statement in the past claiming she need a man who can cook and clean 24/7. This Trigger some social media users asking is the man she married is going to serve as her maid since thats what she looks out for in a man before she agrees to date.

However according to a popular blog on Instagram, The perfect groom is not that perfect after all as he alleged has a secret baby mama who we are sure is currently heart broken at the moment. The blog claim, One lady approached it with news of her being Pregnant for Mr Tetteh and was insisting on aborting it but then they manage to convince her to keep

On Instagram, @Itellmymind wrote: Bridget Ottoo marries Van Ago Tetteh and it looks like a double celebration with that heavy preggo looks. Congrats ooo to Mr and Mrs Tetteh 😂🤣😂 Eeiii Bridget no dey joke koraaa ,he catch am marry simple

Sorry to all the other girls who thought Van was serious with them. One was even pregnant and she insisted on aborting it but I advised her to keep it ooo but this one was So bent on getting rid of it after the Van Bridget Abena Korkor Brouhaha . I bet she will be having double brokenheart raaaanow itellmymind #itellmymind