Alleged U.S.A Based Sidechick Confirms Medikal’S Cheating Allegations.

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Few weeks ago Medikal in an interview with Kwaku Manu said he wasn’t cheating on his wife Fella Makafui when the actor bombarded him with the cheating allegation rumors. According to Medikal, he has never cheated on any woman he went out with.

Fans quickly reacted to this confession saying Amg Medikal was telling lies. They claim the musician cheated on Sister Derby his ex girlfriend with Fella Makafui so what shows he can’t cheat on his current wife.

A blogger with the username tutugyaonline on instagram has come out with an information that confirms Medikal’s cheating allegation.

According to her a US based lady on Snapchat claims, she dates Medikal anytime he comes to the States. The lady has therefore sent out a dire warning to any girl who tries to snatch Medikal from her.

This new information has however cause stir on social media with many saying ‘KARMA IS A BITCH.’