Alleged video of Afia Schwar’s G@y son hot social media after Asibolanga dared Nana Tonardo to drop it

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It seems this time the enemies of Controversial Comedian Afia Schwar would not allow her to win the beef as Social Media sensation Maame Ng3g3 has dropped a bomb about the alleged gay son of Afia.

It seems this time, Maame Ng3g3 has themed up with Nana Tonardo to exposes loud mouth Asibolanga and her twin son. Maame Ng3g3 in a live video revealed that she has a video of the Gay son of Afia and his partner in bed.

She claim tho the video is circulating on Whatsapp, she cannot share it on Her social media page because she is scared she would be blocked. This brouhaha comes after Afia dared Nana Tonardo to drop the video if only he has it.

She claim she is ready to pay him $2000 if only he is able to prove that her son James is Gay with a video. Tho Nana Tonardo has not been able to back his claims with the supposed video, Maame Ng3g3 has jumped to his defense claiming she has the video and that its already circulating on whatsapp and it will soon to get to Afia