Ama K. Abebrese Gives Homos3xuals Her Blessing As She Solidly Stands Behind Them

Award winning actress Ama K. Abebrese has waded into the ongoing conversation about homos3xuals in Ghana and her stands is so shocking.

The celebrated actress in a recent post gave the LGBTQ community her utmost support just like celebrity siblings, Sister Derby and Wanluv Kubolor have publicly done.

In a lengthy post on Facebook she noted that she cannot judge gays and lesbians because one day every human on earth will be judge. She also noted that all who practice LGBTQ must enjoy basic human right because they equally deserve like any other person.

‘’I cannot pretend I know the fear that homosexuals and lesbians living in Ghana feel; the laws of Ghana criminalise homosexuality. The customs, many religions and the culture frown upon it. I cannot judge them, for on the Day of Judgment we will ALL be judge’’.

Obviously the actress wants gays and lesbians to be accepted the way they are.

‘’Just because I may not fully understand what they go through doesn’t mean that they do not deserve basic human rights. I aim to be more understanding of their plight. I think that more dialogue has to continue on the matter.(I see many comments online that equate them to rapists and pedophiles. Well…. predators are not bound by sexuality), she added



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