American mum allegedly punched her 10-year-old son and dislocated his jaw because he wouldn’t stop playing video game

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Ann Perugia, a 35-year-old Florida mum has been accused of dislocating her 10-year-old son’s jaw with a punch after he refused to stop playing popular video game, Fortnite and take a shower.

Earlier in the day, she picked him up from school and let him play the popular game online until 7pm with his friends.
But when she checked to see if he had gotten ready for bed, she found him still playing the game, and he hadn’t showered.

Police say the pair argued, and Perugia lost her temper because of the boy’s ‘attitude’.

The boy told police that when he walked into the bathroom, Perugia punched him in the jaw with a closed fist.
He then called his dad, Brian Butler, to come and collect him.

Perugia has denied the claims, and told police a different version of events. She says her son threw a tantrum as he reluctantly went to the bathroom.

When she asked him about his sudden change in attitude, she says he replied, ‘I hate you and you don’t do anything for me!’

After leaving him to himself, a few minutes later she noticed he was packing a bag and speaking to his dad on the phone.

She says the boy threw rocks at her car as he waited to be collected by his father.
When Butler arrived, the boy reportedly told him that his mother punched him.
Police got involved after the boy’s aunt went to a police station to make a report.

Perugia has since been arrested and is being held without bond. She is charged with aggravated child abuse with physical injury.