American Rapper Arrested by Police, See Full Details!

Information reaching indicates that American rapper offset has been arrested by the Beverly Hills police.
Offset recorded the whole incident via his Instagram live feed. In the video cited by this space, police officers were seen surrounding his car and ordering the Rapper to step out of the vehicle and also turn his car engine off.
Offset who seemed shocked at The Turn Of Events asked why guns were pointed at him and also been asked to step out of his car and comply with the police orders.
An officer then replied the rapper that a report has been made against him pointing guns at people at an event ground.
Through our investigation on this Space we have been noted that might Rapper Offset might have drove through a Trump Rally in Beverly Hills.
Offset hearing the officers reply and reason for his alleged arrest, replied out that there’s been people at trump rally pointing flags at his car.
It is however unknown if the this events led to the Rapper’s arrests by the Beverly Hills police department, Stay up and Close as we to dig more into this developing story. Don’t forget to share.

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