Angelique Kidjo Angrily Blasts Western Media For Always Representing Africa In The Negative Light

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Beninese popular singer and song writer, Angelique Kidjo has descended heavily on the Western media for always showcasing Africa in the negative light in most of its reportage.

According to her the Western media channel so much energy in reporting negativity about the continent than the energy it uses in projecting the positives.

She noted that when something negative takes place in Europe, the media always go silent over it but the opposite happens in Africa.

Speaking on how the media has made Africa look like a masquerade, she narrated how a 9-year-old school boy asked him on whether all African children have their rips coming out.

She added that the Europeans always seek the downfall of Africa to feel elated but that will never happen again like it did centuries ago because every child now in Africa knows ‘what time it is’.