Angry Ayisha Modi Drags And Disgraces US-Based Ghanaian Journalist Kelvin Taylor For Referring To Stonebwoy As A Hypocrite

by - 3 mins earlier reported on popular US-based Ghanaian journalist, Kelvin Taylor lashing out on dancehall artiste Livingstone Este Satekla notable as Stonebwoy over his quietness on the recent #FixTheCountry movement.

As indicated by Kelvin Taylor, Stonebwoy joined the well known pattern via online media in Nigeria #EndSars when the residents of Nigerians were battling police ruthlessness. He expressed that Stonebwoy comes from the ghettos of Ashaiman however doesn’t have any desire to connect himself with anything going on in the country.

Checkout a part of Kelvin Taylor’s attack on Stonebwoy below;

Well, Stoneboy’s Ayisha Modi has come to the defense of the Afrobeats singer and guess what, she took to her Instagram page and shared a long post dragging Kelvin Taylor through the mud. She went as far as calling the journalist a useless man.

This is what she had to say to Kelvin Taylor;

”This stupid Man Taylor is one of Ghana’s biggest problems and the most stupid being on this earth, he is as useless as the word “P” in psychology.

Blind politics is one of the reasons why Ghana isn’t moving forward, how can a stupid and useless fool like Kelvin Taylor be in the political space and expect a better nation.

Coward and a hypocrite like you who can’t even stay in your own country just because one political party is feeding you with food that my dogs will even reject, what at all do you want from @stonebwoyb, is @stonebwoyb part of those who took money during the political season? Do you know the number of politicians that approached me just for him to reject? Do you see him as hungry and a hypocrite like you who will go and be begging politicians for 200 dollars.

So are you trying to tell me that @stonebwoyb ‘s voice will change Ghana better Mr foolish hungry hypocrite stop the stupidity & come to Ghana if you are a real man. You can attack anyone in the industry but not Stonebwoy, you will have to deal with me if you want to attack Stonebwoy useless man. Come to Ghana and fight for ur country like a man. You politicians think u can use the youths for ur selfish interest. This goes to both NDC AND NPP leave STONEBWOY ALONE.

Kwasia kwa next time think deeply before you pour those rubbish from your mouth
Just when we finding ways to cure Covid-19 you are also trying to become another pandemic in the system.
Whoever brought this idiot up has done a great disservice to Ghana.

BHIMNATION IS NOT A POLITICAL BRAND WATI . Go and attack those called celebrities who took money from the politicians. Stupidity at it best .#Bhimnationtotheworld we Move with so much blessings. WE THE YOUTH ARE ASKING YOU THE POLITICIANS TO FIX THE COUNTRY AND YOU ARE THERE INSULTING STONEBWOY ! All those who took money from the politicians and campaign are those u have to be insulting not my 1GAD.”

Checkout her post below;