Angry Fella Makafui Fights Sister Derby for Performing with Boyfriend Medikal!

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Xmas breeze is in the air and jealousy too have gained weight, In a follow up story on this platform we hinted on the rising beef between Fella Makafui and Sista Derby as both have been noted over the past months fighting for the love of Rising Star Medikal. As Yesterday’s Back to Sowutuom Concert took place many patrons were surprised with a star Performance from “Sister Derby” who happens to be the Ex of Rapper Medikal, but insider reports suggested Fella Makafui never edged this to happen in the first place as it even resulted in her refuting to go on stage to perform with rapper Medikal on their Hit Song OmoAda. However Sources and Sister Derby herself also made it known that Fella Makafui never responded from a candid greeting from her Sister Derby whose only intention was to get along with her, but that even ignited the beef once more making Sister Derby post several shots on her ig Status Feed. Continue Reading Below..

And thus after this Shots Fella Makafui have responded on an innocent blogger’s timeline for reporting on the issue and yet again sending fresh shots from her 12 year old self in a post as shown Below..

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Hence it didn’t take Long for Sister Derby to reply with another Shot saying Fans at the concert she was matured for Medikal than Fella’s 16 yaer old self, see Post Below!