Anti-kidnapping Squad Are Arresting Anyone Who Posts Fake News About My Attack – Actress Angela Okorie

Few days ago, actress Angela Okorie shared some photos and videos of her alleged attack and this received mixed reactions on social media.

Some accused her of faking the attack whilst others claimed she was beaten by the wife of a married man she was dating.

The actress cursed all those making false allegations against her but she has declared that anti-kidnapping squad are now out arresting anyone who writs fake stories about the actress’ attack.

According to the actress anyone who says sometime contrary to the information she brought out will be arrested until he or she provides evidence until that then it only means the person knows the whereabout of the criminals.

She added that people can keep on opening fake accounts but they will surley be brought to book.

It looks like this whole attack saga has taken a new shape and matters might turn worse if care is not taken. All those expressing their opinion about the actress’ attack are entreated to remain quite for your own safety.

Check her post below:
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