Any man who forces you to live with him before marriage would eventually dump you at the end-Counselor Lutterodt.

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Marriage and relationship expert counselor Lutterodt in an interview has advised women against living with men before marriage.

According to him when a woman decides to live with a man before marriage there is no respect in the relationship and the man would eventually get rid of you and get married to another woman.

He stated that when you live with a man who is not married to you then you are forced to perform all the wife duties in the house even though he has not paid your bride price.

He again added that most women who find themselves in such situations are treated badly since all they do is to find means to make the man marry her.

Counselor Lutterodt advised women never to live with men who are not their husband and wait till their bride price have been paid then they can move in with him.

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