VIDEO:Archipalago Fights Reggie Rockstone For Throwing Shades On His Song ‘Megye’

U.S based Ghanaian actor now musician, Archipelago Mufasa has gone mad over Reggie Rockstone’s comment on his post.

Commenting on Archipalago’s ‘Megye’ song which has caused a lot of stir after it was released said that he has watched the song as it continues to blow up but Archipelago should no that music is like food if you don’t know how to cook it don’t talk about it.

This comment made Archipelago mad at him and has said that if he had started Music with Reggie he would have been Better than him.

He added that he is both radio and TV combined and that even makes him better and incomparable.

He warned Reggie to be careful of his comment on his song because he won’t take it nicely with him if it repeats.

Watch the video below:
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