At your age, you shouldnt be rapping about drip and wearing Airforce, Learn from Jay z – Kwadwo Sheldon attacks Sarkodie

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Controversial Ghanaian YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon has launched an Attacked on Multiple Award Winning Artist Sarkodie after he claim he should be rapping about his Flashy Life at his age.

Sarkodie has received a lot of Praised after he dropped his recent single titled “No Fugazy” but it seems Kwadwo Sheldon thinks Sarkodie does not deserve the kind of Praise the masses are giving him

He wrote on Twitter: 45 year old man rapping about drip and wearing airforce. Lmao! You no dey listen to Hov? leave this shit to Gen Zs!!!

He then advised Sarkodie to listen and Learn one or two things from Musicians like Jay Z. He claim Jay Z moved from rapping about flashy lifestyle, drugs and Women and started rapping about wealth and financial illiteracy