Aunty of Vivian Jill Reveals she Bought Sp£rm from a German Half Cast worth $8000 Dollars..

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The never ending Saga regarding the whereabouts of the real father of Vivian Jill’s Baby Never seem to be ending soon. Yesterday we were informed that the father of her Baby is one “Mr Amponsah” who is a Kumasi Based Gold Dealer” so we all said case closed to the Story, But today new information Reaching “PinaxOnline” indicates Vivian Jill actually trooped all the way to Germany to Buy a “Quantum Sp£rm” from a German Half Cast worth $8000 Dollars in an unknown Hospital in Düsseldorf Germany.

The events were monitored on “Oman Channel” on YouTube with the alleged Aunty confessing to such Occurrence which took place later last Year! she also indicated that the World deserve to know the Truth so Vivian Jill could be set free of any Mind Guilt as to explaining the whereabouts of her Baby’s father to the World.

See Full Interview with Vivian Jills Aunty Below!