“Aww p3t3 the togo Fendi top is tired” Diamond Appiah trolled for wearing Old togo Fendi to Tracey Boakye’s wedding

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Tracey Boakye’s wedding is still the talk of town

Her friends Afia Schwar and Diamond stormed the event to make it a memorable one

In a video posted by Afia, the two trolled Ghanaians who think the Gang will collapse because Tracey is Married now

However Netizens are rather mocking Diamond Appiah for her old faded togo Fendi T shirt

After Afia Schwar dropped a Video mocking Ghanaians who are worried about the gang will collapse as Tracey Boakye is married now, Netizens were more focused on one of the gang members Diamond Appiah as she wasn’t present at the Event of her Bestie

In the video, Diamond is seen rocking a Fendi top which has got a lot of attention. According to some social media users, Diamond is mostly spotted in the Fendi top during beautiful occasion. Unlike her counterpart who has praised on numerous occasion for her fashion sense it seems Diamond is the Opposite.

Some bashed her for dressing causal to the wedding of her best friend and gang member who she calls Sister. Below are some screenshot of social media users bashing her