Banker karaa, Corporate girl Karaa and Entrepreneur Karaa – Dr Kwaku Oteng’s alleged 4th wife Linda praises herself on social media

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The alleged 4th wife of Ghanaian Millionaire Dr Kwaku Oteng, Nana Akosua Achiaa Linda on social media is praising herself for being an Independent lady despite married to a Millionaire. She claim tho she is married to a very rich man and her husband can easily afford anything she wants, She is still independent which she is happy about

She claims she has a master’s degree in finance and that she works in the cooperate sector as a Banker, She also doubles as an Entrepreneur who runs her own business. On her official Instagram page, she wrote:

“Never let criticism make you doubt your dreams. You must remember that no one else knows what you truly want to achieve and how much worth it has in your life. Have a Productive working week #banking #corporategirlturnentrepreneur