Barbara Ofori’s Family speaks on the gruesome murder of their daughter

The Family of the Late Barbara Tommy have come out to clear out the rumours surrounding the death of their Beloved daughter. After her death, Several allegation were made about her which fast went viral especial the allegations of her been promiscuous, Cheating and getting pregnant with the choir director of the church.

According to the elder Sister of Barbara, Elizabeth Sophia Russel, who is in Ghana, her sister was a very descent and virtuous woman who lived an exemplary life.

In an interview sighted by Pinaxonline, the elder sister revealed that, just like any other marriages, the couple also ad their troubles.

Three months ago, Barbara decided to file for a divorce after she claim to be fed up with their five years marriage. After filing the divorce, Mr Ofori refused to sign the paper to grant er the divorce, Barbara left their matrimonial ome to stay with her mother.

Just last week, She went back to the house to pick up a few Item and some document sent to the father of her elderly sisters children. Mr Ofori attacked her after he saw in the house before the late Barbara’s brother intervene.

Barely 24hours after the argument, he followed her to her work place the following morning and shot her. The sister also revealed that Sylvester Ofori drifted into occultism and the late Barbara was not comfortable with it.

“My sister is not Promiscuous. She is somebody who respects herself, respects her husband and fears God. She never cheated on er husband”

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