“Be like Yoruba Yansh” Fans react to a video of Tems flaunting her huge back side

by - 1 min

Nigerian Artist Tems Baby popularly known for her “Essence” song with the Legend Wizkid has got fans buzzing with excitement on social media after a video of her showcasing what her Mama Gave her hit online.

Tems is popularly known for how decently see dresses and covers her curves each time she goes for a show or in her music Video. According to her, she doesnt want the media or her fans to center on her body but rather her talent.

In the video, Tems is seen with her backside to the camera and walking majestically to her door Eve’s song “Who’s that girl” playing at the background. This has got some fans confused with them asking if she is now trying to make headline with what she has tried so hard to cover.

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