Beef Alert: Strongman Burner Boldly Calls For A Rap Battle Between Himself And Uptown Energy Boss Yaa Pono

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To quiet a number of social media commentators, the lock-down will be amazing if some sort of entertainment is held online like that of Killbeatz and Richie Mensah of Lynkx Entertainment. Since music is the dominate form of entertainment in Ghana at the moment, Ghanaian Internet users are asking for a beef (a clean rap battle) between Strongman and Yaa Pono.

How they chose the two rappers is not yet known but on Twitter if majority settle on one decision, it remains the same till something new pops up. After this paring on Twitter, Yaa Pono has reacted and subtly he’s promoting his ‘Upness’ album while in another direction, he’s proving fearless to battle anyone in the industry.

He tweeted;

Strongman, the man well known for his damning freestyling flows from his humble beginnings as a rapper till now has also showed signs of readiness to face Yaa Pono.

On Twitter he also promoted his upcoming album “10 AM” and stated that he’s ever ready to face Yaa Pono.

His tweet reads;