Benedicta Gafah Is No Longer My Friend Because She Isn’t Married-Says Xandy Kamel

Controversial Kumawwod actress, Xandy Kamel has shockingly disclosed that she is no longer friends with colleague actress Benedicta Gafah because she is not married.

Despite being friends with Benedicta for sometime now, Xandy has cut ties with her because she is single.

According to her since her status changed she now only talks to married women because they have a better experience which can help her marriatal issues in a positive way and not in a negative note.

“I actually don’t have problem with anybody but the truth is that she’s no longer my friend because she’s not married. I only speak to married people because they have the better experience which can help build my marital issues to a better side, not on any bad side, she noted when asked about her friendship with Benedicta Gafa.

Shocking she revealed that before marrying her husband they were already testing the waters and its something she doesn’t see to be bad.



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