Betting Has Lifted A Lot of Broke Guys From Poverty-Kofi Kinata Replies Dag Heward-Mills

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Ghanaian artist who doubles as a brand ambassador of a betting company has said that betting has saved a lot of people from abject poverty.

Speaking in an interview on Kastle FM he noted that betting is two sided which means it can either help or destroy depending on the individual.

So probably it depends on what he has seen that’s why he’s advising the youth to stay away from sports betting because he’s been in this world for a long time. However, it is two-sided when it comes to sports betting,”

According to him betting has made some people billionaires today who were poor but that doesn’t make their wealth a misfortune.

“There are some people who were also wallowing in abject poverty but through staking a sports bet they won and have suddenly become billionaires. So, does it mean their riches from sports betting is a misfortune,”

He made this comment in wake of Bishop Dag Heward Mill’s comment that betting makes people poor and so the youths should desist from it.