Black Friday: “Their Services Are Needed In The Battlefield!” Senator Sami Slams Hisbah For Letter Addressed To Radio Station.

Senator Shehu Sani has slammed Kano Hisbah’ board for sending a letter to Cool FM ordering them to stop calling Friday ‘Black Friday’ when they are doing their ‘Black Friday Sales.

Earlier on Friday morning, a letter reportedly drafted by the Hisbah’ corps and addressed to Cool FM made rounds online. In the letter the radio station was ordered to desist from calling Friday, ‘Black Friday because it was a holy day for Islam faithfuls.

In response Senator Sani has described the letter as ‘nonsensical’ depite the fact that he’s also a Muslim. In a tweet he told the Hisbah’ to focus on the killings and kidnapping happening in Northern Nigeria. He also said that they need to input their services in the battlefield.

He tweeted;

”Friday is our sacred day of prayer as Muslims.Whatever colour is added to it doesn’t matter.Hisbah’s threats against the phrase’Black Friday’ is nonsensical.They should focus on the killings and kidnappings going on in their domains.Their services are needed in the battlefield.”

This has generated sparks online. Thousands of tweeps have reacted to the stance of the Senator. Most of them have applauded his statement whole others have condemned it.

Some reactions reads;

@shamsuxcal wrote; “It’s very disheartening seeing own brothers and fathers in the hisbah  movement enforcing extralegal laws on people which are not islamically oriented, it’s high time that our Islamic scholars look into 👀 the long time felonious and illegitimate act of the so called  hisbah.”

@musty0 wrote; “It matters to us, colors are very important in Islam, we wear whites during pilgrimage for reason. Not sure how u missed that.”

@Titilayo2020 wrote; “Tell them sir, they focus on minor issues and ignore life threatening……Hmmmmmm.”

See tweets below;



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